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Searching for links in Firefox by using shortcuts

If you want to be a quick searcher then you should definetly use shortcuts.

Firefox does provide the option to search for links by pressing the ‘ key(default).

The probem is that you can not use this key when googling something, because every character you type in gets automatically redirected to the input box of the google page.

After a lot of hassle I found a way to search for links in firefox using a custom shortcut and the keyconfig extension(

  • After installing keyconfig, hit Ctrl+Shift+F12 and you get the advanced key editing mode.
  • Create a new shortcut, give it a name and then use this code inside to start the find bar with the find only links option:
  • gFindBar.startFind(gFindBar.FIND_LINKS);
  • Now you just have to assign a key combination to it. I used Ctrl+\
  • Note that you have to use Ctrl or some other accelerator which does not result in a character being typed to screen. Shift+\ will not work for example

A lot of inspiration came from this forum post:

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