Remapping the Zoom Slider to Scroll Key on a Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000/7000 Keyboard


“Unfortunately, the Ergonomic keyboard config utility doesn’t allow you to change the settings for the centre zoom button. In order to do so, you will have to edit the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Intellitype Pro\commands.xml file manually. (For computers running the more recent Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center the path is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Device Center\commands.xml) or C:\Program Files\Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center” – Tog from

 The Zoom keys in the commands.xml file are C320 for Zoom out and C319 for Zoom in.

You can use notepad++ and the Replace Dialog(Ctrl+F and select Replace tab). Check “Regular Expression” in the bottom left side of the dialog and use these to remap the zoom key:

Find what: <C319 .* />
Replace with: <C319 Type=”6″ Activator=”ScrollUp” />

Find what: <C320 .* />
Replace with: <C320 Type=”6″ Activator=”ScrollDown” />

Side note: the process is now called itype.exe. Close the process and restart it(Task Manager->File->Run new task-> “itype.exe”) for the changes to take effect.

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10 thoughts on “Remapping the Zoom Slider to Scroll Key on a Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000/7000 Keyboard

  1. Marin

    I am not much into regex, but this caused errors with me.
    I followed this tutorial (only two manual changes required) and things worked:

    • Hi, thanks for pointing it out.
      I used the regex, because some programs refused to accept the global change (they owned custom profiles). Maybe they’ve updated something in the XML and that’s why you are getting errors.
      Glad you managed to make yours working!

  2. Pascal

    You also have to enable zooming in the keyboard control panel

  3. Great! Worked like a charm!

  4. Great Work!

  5. Mixx Twofiftysix

    Careful when copy/pasting the “Replace with” into some text replace programs (like EditPlus, or perhaps it’s copying out of certain browsers) – it may convert your double-quotes to one of the other “curvy” double-quotes which itype won’t understand. To be sure, type over each doube-quotes with the double-quote key on your keyboard!


    Can you help me, i cannot edit xml file because some other process is using it. I closed iType but still ,even if im the administrator, impossible to save the edited file. Thanks

    • You can try booting windows into safe mode and then changing it. Maybe there is some background process running or the lock for the file hasn’t been removed.

  7. Cookie

    I followed all of the instructions – the scrolling works in Microsoft Mouse & Keyboard Center, but in every other program it zooms. I mainly need it in Chrome & Excel. Any thoughts?

    • Unfortunately I discontinued using the keyboard that often. However, I remember there being a lot of settings and maybe some of them overwrite the scroll. I did not have that issue though. You can check for settings that explicitly set the zoom inside the configuration and change them as well. It is a bit weird if some programs behave differently. There should be something inside the config.

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