Help Improve the Future by Investing in Education

I believe the investment into education is a topic largely discussed but not many governments or individuals really take it seriously.

The simplest way to deal with a situation is “Here’s a dollar, go get yourself fixed!”

Investing in education is not only investing money blindly and hoping that the next generation will live up to your hopes. Money does not solve problems, it pushes them away or patches them, at best. Worst of all, money is the reason why many problems exist.

What is the alternative? You can’t run around saying how much things suck without bringing in ideas on how to better the situation.

More precious are resources like time and expertize. Of course smart and successful people don’t have that much time, because they certainly do not lack expertize. People who have time on the other hand are not that well educated(or are just filthy rich). It is up to the people with less time to invest a bit into building a better education and to the people with more time to consume the education provided and therefore walking up the ladder of wisdom and being able to help the others below them.

Of course this may sound like a conspiracy theory, but the dummer the population the happier and easier to keep “happy” it is. Maybe people are just afraid to breed a generation of young people who may set things straight.

Check out Maybe you can not contribute, but you can definitely learn something and pass it on 😉

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One reason why communism throws you back into the past (get medieval !). – Forcing the new generation to be dumber.

Too Much Emphasis on Appearances Damages Everything in and Around You.

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