Changing Key Mappings on a Microsoft Ergonomic 4000

This is a short tutorial on how to change the keyboard mapping of a Microsoft Ergonomic keyboard.

Should work with any keyboard using IntelliType

Open “commands.xml” (using Notepad++ for example)
In Windows 7 go to: C:\Program Files\Microsoft IntelliType Pro

Find the node “<ALL>”

Under the node “<Application UniqueName=”StandardSupport”>” insert:

<C319 Type=”6″ Activator=”ScrollUp” />
<C320 Type=”6″ Activator=”ScrollDown” />


C319, C320 are the key codes for the zoom slider

Type=6 “means it is a continuarly sliding function” , whereas Type=5 means “every move up or down is seen as one single keypress”

“Activator” is the function the key with corresponding code will trigger, here it is Scrolling

For the changes to take effect, one must restart the itype application:

Start->type: mskey.exe
Under actions-> Close IntelliType Pro
Restart the keyboard control software(IntelliType): Start -> type: itype.exe
Changes should have come to effect.

Happy typing 🙂

This is just a resume of the info found on:

Some more info on:

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