Having problems with Powerline not displaying the correct symbols?

You need to add the fonts from (https://github.com/powerline/fonts) to not see images like these:



I love the SourceCodePro font in the “Light” version. Here is the result:



Unfortunately I have not found a way to make the segments on the right side to be visible. I’d like to add this (https://github.com/jaspernbrouwer/powerline-gitstatus/) on the right side of the console.

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Compiling LaTex on the Fly

I Stumbled upon the problem of creating images or PDFs from LaTex snippets.

I usually save my work in Evernote to make it easilly accessible, so I wanted a solution to work with Evernote.

One way to go is via Eat tags: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s216/sh/f2b5d32d-7941-4473-bb94-21fbd55ae117/6f7b872883ab019ba763de2c9cd0ac3f

The other one is using LaTexIt (available on Mac as far as I know):

“LaTeXiT which is included in MacTeX can convert a text string to image (png, jpeg, pdf, maybe others), and a shortcut can be set in OS X in keyboard preferences ->shortcuts -> services, so that the key combination Cmd+Option+Shift+L is a global hotkey that take selected (LaTeX) text string, generates an image and inserts it in place of the text. The original LaTeX code I put in as the image name in Evernote (right click -> name attachement), so that if I need to modify the equation, I can do so without typing up the whole code again.”


Here is where I found both solutions(in the comment sections): http://www.astrobetter.com/evernote-for-scientists/

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Remapping the Zoom Slider to Scroll Key on a Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000/7000 Keyboard


“Unfortunately, the Ergonomic keyboard config utility doesn’t allow you to change the settings for the centre zoom button. In order to do so, you will have to edit the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Intellitype Pro\commands.xml file manually. (For computers running the more recent Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center the path is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Device Center\commands.xml) or C:\Program Files\Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center” – Tog from superuser.com

 The Zoom keys in the commands.xml file are C320 for Zoom out and C319 for Zoom in.

You can use notepad++ and the Replace Dialog(Ctrl+F and select Replace tab). Check “Regular Expression” in the bottom left side of the dialog and use these to remap the zoom key:

Find what: <C319 .* />
Replace with: <C319 Type=”6″ Activator=”ScrollUp” />

Find what: <C320 .* />
Replace with: <C320 Type=”6″ Activator=”ScrollDown” />

Side note: the process is now called itype.exe. Close the process and restart it(Task Manager->File->Run new task-> “itype.exe”) for the changes to take effect.

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Searching for links in Firefox by using shortcuts

If you want to be a quick searcher then you should definetly use shortcuts.

Firefox does provide the option to search for links by pressing the ‘ key(default).

The probem is that you can not use this key when googling something, because every character you type in gets automatically redirected to the input box of the google page.

After a lot of hassle I found a way to search for links in firefox using a custom shortcut and the keyconfig extension(mozilla.dorando.at/keyconfig.xpi).

  • After installing keyconfig, hit Ctrl+Shift+F12 and you get the advanced key editing mode.
  • Create a new shortcut, give it a name and then use this code inside to start the find bar with the find only links option:
  • gFindBar.startFind(gFindBar.FIND_LINKS);
  • Now you just have to assign a key combination to it. I used Ctrl+\
  • Note that you have to use Ctrl or some other accelerator which does not result in a character being typed to screen. Shift+\ will not work for example

A lot of inspiration came from this forum post: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?t=72994

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People should reflect on their attitude towards intellectual property, this can not be solved by creating a police state. 

If you like or use something, buy it. Support the authors in their ingenuity, but stop this march for a censored internet.

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Changing Key Mappings on a Microsoft Ergonomic 4000

This is a short tutorial on how to change the keyboard mapping of a Microsoft Ergonomic keyboard.

Should work with any keyboard using IntelliType

Open “commands.xml” (using Notepad++ for example)
In Windows 7 go to: C:\Program Files\Microsoft IntelliType Pro

Find the node “<ALL>”

Under the node “<Application UniqueName=”StandardSupport”>” insert:

<C319 Type=”6″ Activator=”ScrollUp” />
<C320 Type=”6″ Activator=”ScrollDown” />


C319, C320 are the key codes for the zoom slider

Type=6 “means it is a continuarly sliding function” , whereas Type=5 means “every move up or down is seen as one single keypress”

“Activator” is the function the key with corresponding code will trigger, here it is Scrolling

For the changes to take effect, one must restart the itype application:

Start->type: mskey.exe
Under actions-> Close IntelliType Pro
Restart the keyboard control software(IntelliType): Start -> type: itype.exe
Changes should have come to effect.

Happy typing 🙂

This is just a resume of the info found on: http://en.gentoo-wiki.com/wiki/Microsoft_Natural_Ergonomic_Keyboard_4000

Some more info on: http://huddledmasses.org/hacking-the-natural-4000-keyboard/

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Help Improve the Future by Investing in Education

I believe the investment into education is a topic largely discussed but not many governments or individuals really take it seriously.

The simplest way to deal with a situation is “Here’s a dollar, go get yourself fixed!”

Investing in education is not only investing money blindly and hoping that the next generation will live up to your hopes. Money does not solve problems, it pushes them away or patches them, at best. Worst of all, money is the reason why many problems exist.

What is the alternative? You can’t run around saying how much things suck without bringing in ideas on how to better the situation.

More precious are resources like time and expertize. Of course smart and successful people don’t have that much time, because they certainly do not lack expertize. People who have time on the other hand are not that well educated(or are just filthy rich). It is up to the people with less time to invest a bit into building a better education and to the people with more time to consume the education provided and therefore walking up the ladder of wisdom and being able to help the others below them.

Of course this may sound like a conspiracy theory, but the dummer the population the happier and easier to keep “happy” it is. Maybe people are just afraid to breed a generation of young people who may set things straight.

Check out khanacademy.org. Maybe you can not contribute, but you can definitely learn something and pass it on 😉

Next up:

One reason why communism throws you back into the past (get medieval !). – Forcing the new generation to be dumber.

Too Much Emphasis on Appearances Damages Everything in and Around You.

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